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Geek Meet at the Slidebar in Fullerton

On Sunday night, I hit up the Geek Meet with SkullDouggary over at the Slidebar in Fullerton. It was an interesting event with a lot of things for people to geek out on. The bar has a really interesting set up so there were multiple rooms designed to fulfill each of your geeky needs. There was a room for bands, a gaming room, a dj’d room, a vendor area and a place for geek speed dating.

The event started around 4pm. We got there closer to 7:30pm and checked out each of the areas before sitting down to order something to eat because we were starving. The menu was small but had a variety of foods to try out. I got the California Burrito and a lemonade, he got fish tacos and an iced tea. Both were pretty good. It was definitely better then a lot of bar food.

The room with the bands had four different bands that night. Danger Inc, Karate in the Garage, The Maxies, and Stupid Flanders. It was a small intimate room and not too bad acoustic. We didn’t stay long but thought it was pretty cool.

The dj’d area is also the bar, so there were a lot of people in there. One big minus and was noticable was that the season finale of The Walking Dead was aired and they had it playing. It cleared out the bar area for the hour  it was on because you couldn’t hear it and it definitely could spoil it if you were planning on watching it later when you got home.  The dj’s were good.

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The only real problem with it being an event for people to meet each other was the music was so loud you couldn’t really talk to or hear people in many of the rooms unless you were up close. We were hanging out in the gaming room watching a game of Cards Against Humanity and couldn’t really hear the cards being played.

It was neat to see the Geek Speed Dating doing so well. The room was packed both times we walked by it. I think its cool that it was a place for people to feel comfortable and try to meet others that liked the same stuff. The vendor area was small but nice. I enjoyed seeing all the cool stuff they got out there. They had some jewelry vendors, a comic shop, a shirt vendor, two artists and some framing comics. So there was a little bit of variety for everyone.

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Now I will be honest the event really isn’t for me. I’m not one for drinking or loud music. Though it seemed like a lot of people were enjoying themselves and thats what you want an event that goes over well with the intended audience. If you live near Fullerton you should check out the next one.

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