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Hackers Are Using Reddit As Connection Point For Thousands Of Infected Macs

Bad news if you are a Mac user. Hackers have been infecting Macs with “Mac.BackDoor.iWorm”. The worm uses Reddit to connect the with a command server via Reddit’s search function. Once connected to Reddit it will search for posts created by the hackers which provide the worm with server address to connect to the botnet. Once connected to their botnet they can use the computer for all kinds of things. The strangest part of this hack is that there is a estimated 17,658 Macs infected, but yet no proof that the hackers have or are using the computers for anything yet.

Gizmodo tip to avoid infection is:


To avoid infection, it’s smart to keep your software updated (it’s also just smart to keep your software updated in general). MacExperience also recommends that you set GateKeeper so it only runs digitally signed apps from the App Store, and that you put a password on your computer and keep access to Admin accounts at a minimum. All common sense stuff, but considering people keep making their passwords “password,” it’s worth a reminder.






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Trust Me, I'm a Superhero

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