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Hungry Gamer Game of the Year Nominees

I know. Everyone has their end of the year awards, so I figured I might as well do it too. Now I did not do this last year, but that was because I did not feel like I had played enough games to really narrow it down, and I also was pretty sure no one would care.

That said, I am not sure anyone cares now either…but I refuse to let that stop me! I too, can give out awards! So can you! Try it! It is oddly stressful. So before I jump in, let’s go over the parameters.

  • Game must have released/delivered in 2020 between January 1 and November 15. (Yes that means next year will cover November 16 to whenever I put a halt to it)
  • I made my choice based solely on my personal preference, so yes that means that some genres will have a better shot at winning.
  • I narrowed the list down to about 10 purely based on what games did I find myself wanting to play the most often. From there I dug deeper into the mechanics and art and all that.
  • That is it!

I am presenting each of the pubs with this VERY prestigious seal, which they can do whatever that want with. My hope is the designers get it tattooed on the smalls of the back…but that is just me.

So let the love fest begin! Below are all the nominees, listed alphabetically, and a brief description of what I love the most about the games.

Altar Quest from Blacklist Games utilizes the modular deck system, a system that I enjoyed in some of Blacklist’s other offerings. This one how ever, takes the system and makes it feel like an adventure, and you are making discoveries in each room. It is a great trip, especially when you dive into one of the stories. The characters are all super unique to play, and it is just what a medium weight crawler should be.

Court of Miracles from Lucky Duck Games plays lightning fast, yet is full of intrigue, and strategy. This is a game that has an awesome aesthetic, to go along with just enough variety in the worker placement to always keep me on my toes. Heck I like it enough I created an AI for it. Now you too, can play it all the time!

Guild Master from Good Games Publishing shocked me. I thought it was going to be a solid worker/action selectio/ bidding game…but oh man. It just nails the theme all around, the game plays so tight, and feels like it flies by every time. I especially LOVE the art on the game. THIS is what a fantasy game should look like.

Heroes of Tenefyr: Second Curse is the expansion I have been waiting for. It took a game that I thought was good but was absolutely starved for content and made it just right. I love the look of the game, the ever so slight, but important differences in all the characters. This is the push your luck dungeon crawl I never knew I needed in my life.

Kingdom Rush from Lucky Duck Games proved to me that tower defense games could be a board games. Everything about the game is a puzzle, and is delightful. The addition of the slightly asymmetric heroes takes this game from a cool puzzle to a fantastic one.

You can also check out the oddly lit video announcement below!

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