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Impressive Lego Doctor Who Set Is In Voting Stage

With recent changes is “Lego’s project guidelines,” Doctor Who Lego set can be a reality! Lego Cuusoo has been accepting submissions for Doctor Who sets, and this impressive set has made it to the user voting stage.

The 530-piece set will have:

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Tardis, exterior / interior walls.
Interior console
street/Interior base
1 Dalek

2 Doctors, An older and more recent Doctor, so older and younger fans have a Doctor.
( For the more recent Doctor, I propose Either Tennant, or Capaldi, who is the latest incarnation. For the other I propose the 4th Doctor Tom Baker.

2 Companions (Rose Tyler if Tennant is chosen, or Clara Oswald if Capaldi is chosen.

(Possiblility of 1) Weeping Angel
(Possiblility of 1) Cyberman
If Lego likes the idea a sound brick for the iconic Tardis sound.

Help this set reach the 10,000 votes it needs to be considered for production and become reality. Go vote at  Lego Cuusoo

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