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Interview: Angela Of Not Your Grammies

IMG_2851Bio: I’m Angela, my computer died once back in college so I randomly decided to learn how to knit while it was being repaired, and my crafting obsession kind of exploded from there! Now I’m a stay­at­home mom and auntie, doing my part to create the next generation of geeks. I started Not Your Grammies as a way to expand my crafty hobbies and earn a little side money.



G33k-hq: What is your earliest geek memory?

Angela:  I can’t remember which came first, but it was either watching the original Star Wars trilogy on VHS with my dad, or looking for Narnia in my closet after my mom gave me the series. I was quietly geeky for most of my childhood – I read a lot, played quite a bit of Nintendo, and was always more interested in fantasy and sci­fi shows and movies. I didn’t really start getting into fandoms and being an “out and proud” kind of geek until college though.


G33k-hq: What is your favorite project you have made?

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Angela: My Hufflepuff scarf! I had wanted to make one for awhile and just never got around to it. I finally kicked my own butt into gear because I wanted to create a Hufflepuff student cosplay for Wizard World Reno. It took a little over a month, then another week to stitch the patch, and it was so worth it. I love it, and I love wearing it around town, I meet a lot of fellow ‘Puffs!


IMG_3324G33k-hq: Describe your work area to us?

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Angela: Complete chaos. I have boxes of in-­progress work all over the house that my husband is always exasperated by, my sewing table is generally overflowing, and we won’t even talk about my craft room.


G33k-hq: What helps you come up with new ideas?


Angela: I actually get a lot of my ideas for new cross stitch pieces from social media! I have many geek friends, so when they share something it often inspires me. And I get ideas for knit and crochet items from TV and movie – most of the knit/crochet items I do are reproductions of items in media; Hogwarts scarves, Rose Tyler’s finger-less mittens, Jayne Cobb “inspired” hats, etc. Or they’re are items inspired by media in another way, like crocheted TARDIS hats, or steering wheel covers that use the colors of the Fourth Doctor’s scarf. I also get a lot of ideas from just browsing on my own – I’ll see something someone else did and it will inspire me to tweak it into something I can use for my own purposes.


G33k-hq: What does the word “geek” mean to you?

Angela: To me, the term “geek” boils down to one thing; Passion. We’re passionate about what we do and enjoy. Some more fervently than others, to be sure, but we all have those things we care deeply about, whether it’s TV or comics or gaming or anime. I particularly like Simon Pegg’s view on it: “Being a geek is all about being honest about what you enjoy and not being afraid to demonstrate that affection. It means never having to play it cool about how much you like something.” Whatever our interests are, geeks do it with passion.


G33k-hq: Stuck on a deserted island, you can bring ONE series’ entire library to keep yourself occupied…what would it be?

Angela: I’ve thought about this a lot on many occasions (as you do), and after considering many series that I’ve loved for years, like Harry Potter or Chronicles of Narnia, or Tolkien, I ultimately decided on Sir Terry Prachett’s Discworld. The books are always funny, often thought ­provoking, and the sheer number of them makes it my perfect deserted island series.


Upcoming events your booth will be at:

My next event will be the Reno Sands Comic Con on September 19 my sister-­in­law at Great Basin Geek Con, October 17. For GBGC I’ll be operating under the name “Clarke Sister Creations” and you won’t see me at the booth that often because I’m also on the board for the convention as the Cosplay Coordinator. We’re hoping to have a big cosplay presence at the con with panels, two contests (one adults, one kids), a parade, a photobooth, and even a fun prop making area for the kids! So I will be all over the con dealing with all of the different cosplay events. We’re a first year convention, so we want to make sure everything runs as smoothly as possible. More info can be found at


Events you have done in the past:

So far I’ve stuck to local Reno conventions. My first was RAGECon, a tabletop gaming convention. After that was GAME Expo, a one­-day event celebrating Gaming, Arts, Music, and Entertainment. Both were fantastic experiences, I’ve loved getting to know the local artists and fellow crafters/vendors.


Website/social media, online stores:

@notyourgrammiesetsyshop on Instagram

@NotYourGrammies on Twitter


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