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Interview: Kyrun Silva

10643258_10152805975757224_199630492_nG33K-HQ: please start by telling us a little of you and your product and projects.

Kyrun: My earliest memories are of drawing characters in my room while watching cartoons on the TV. I couldn’t


stop drawing and creating characters. I was always fascinated with everything from cartoons, sci-fi, fantasy and other

geeky things, but comic books was and still is his main addiction. From the storytelling to the beautiful artwork, I knew

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I had to be a part of this world.

With the help of my friends and family I formed a talented, but small group of artists and created Big Tree

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Comics. I want BTC to be more than just superheroes. I want to create quality and fun books that everyone can read

from young kids to adults. We are looking to bring a wide variety of enjoyable products for people.


Web sites: ,

Facebook pages:

upcoming events: A-1 Comics’ First Annual Creator Con Sept 6th -7th, Crocker Con’s Art Mix/Crocker Con Sept

11th, and Sac Con Oct 18th – 19th


10620835_10152805972562224_1239285707_nG33K-HQ: When did you first start writing/drawing comics?

Kyrun: I’ve been drawing since I was a kid. I remember drawing the Ninja turtles when I was a kid. I started taking it

seriously about 2 years ago. I always had great ideas that I was sketching out but never took the time to develop.

After awhile my wife started pressuring me to either do something with my art or she was going to throw away all the

sketches I was leaving around the house.

I’ve never been a great writer, but I didn’t know anyone else that would be willing to write by book at the rate

I could afford (FREE), so I figured I better write it myself. Whenever I had the chance, after work, during work, early

morning, late at night I found myself writing my script over and over again. I think the first issue of my book had about

10 drafts and if I had the chance again, I would probably redo it an 11th time. I’ve learned so much from other

people’s feedback. I try to take the things people mention and improve on my writing each day.


G33K-HQ: What is the hardest thing you’ve ever written?

Kyrun: I would say the first issue of Shaman’s Destiny was the hardest thing I’ve ever written. I had never wrote a

comic book script before and doing it on my own was difficult. I didn’t have anyone to bounce ideas off of or ask

questions to. I was just me, myself and I. I had to learn how to pace a story, how to lay out the way a page looks and

how to give a voice to different characters. When you have a story with different characters, each person is going to

have their own way of saying. Either they will have a certain dialect they use, or certain words they say that the other

characters in the story might not use, so you have to keep each one separate.


10638011_10152805975762224_210038136_nG33K-HQ: Do you have anything specific that you want to say to your readers?

Kyrun: PLEASE BUY MY BOOKS! Seriously though, I appreciate anyone that has tried my book and supported me

through this adventure. This has been a great experience I am growing every day the more I work at this. I know

things are going to be even better and I’m so excited for what’s coming down the line. I can’t wait for you to see what I

have planned and what my cohorts are coming up with. I wish I could share, but if I did I would have to make you

watch Justin Beiber’s “Never Say Never’. I’m sure that’s worse than me killing you.

What were the challenges in bringing your ideas to life?

Besides finding the money to do it? It has to be time. it’s hard finding time to sit down to write, draw, ink,

letter, color and edit a comic book. With working a 9-5 job, kids and other family needs I find myself with usually 2

hours a day to work on my book. I’m usually either up early or staying up late to work at my craft. When I’m getting

close to a deadline, I usually get about 3-4 hours of sleep a day, but when I’m able to see the final product, it’s makes

it all worth it.


G33K-HQ: every comic writer has a “great unwritten comic” what is yours?

Kyrun: I have a few. The most recent one involves the Wizard of Oz. I don’t want to give away my ideas but in my

version Dorothy would be pretty bad ass. She would be a bounty hunter in space. I’ll leave it at that and maybe in the

next few years I’ll make it come to life.

The other one would basically be Saved by the Bell with super powers. That’s the best way I can describe it.


10643204_10152805972617224_1975095002_nG33K-HQ: If you had to live the rest of your life as a characters from any book which one would it be?

Kyrun: I would want to either be Silver Surfer or Green Lantern. The ability to travel to other worlds and see things

that people can only imagine would be a blast. On top of that I’m one of the most powerful characters in comics? Who

wouldn’t want that?


G33K-HQ: Do you draw/write freehand or do you story board first?

Kyrun: I draw freehand first. I might thumbnail some things on a post it note or notepad sometimes, but primarily I

will lightly sketch out the scene on my paper and see how it looks. Once I have the pieces in place, I will then start

fleshing things out and adding more details.


G33K-HQ: Cast the movie for one of your novels.

Kyrun: Since I only have one book out right now, I would have to cast Shaman’s Destiny.

Malik: Tommy Hobson. If you’re a parent and you’ve seen the Fresh Beat Band, you know who Tommy Hobson is.

When I was designing my characters, I kept imagining Tommy playing Malik in a movie.

Jeph: Jeph would have to be CGI, but I always imagined the late Robin Williams to voice him. I figured he could

create some amazing voice for Jeph.

Dominic: This is a hard one, since I modeled Dominic after a friend of mine. I guess if I had to choose one person, it

would be Jimmy Smits. Just slick his hair back a little and make him grow a beard ,

Gaea: Gaea would be played well by Scarlett Johansson or Laura Prepon from that 70’s show. I didn’t draw their

likeness into Gaea, but I feel they would bring her to life well.


G33K-HQ: Define Geek in your own words.

Kyrun: Geek to me is just being yourself. It’s now the norm for most people. It’s in every aspect of our lives, from

movies to TV to clothes and games. It’s no longer a sub culture. It used to be when someone called you a geek, they

were saying it to shame you, now people wear their geekiness as a badge of honor.

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