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Introducing: The Sartorial Geek: for the geek in all of us

Courtesy of The Sartorial Geek

Super excited for the debut of the geeky lifestyle magazine “The Sartorial Geek” launching today!!


The Sartorial Geek is a new seasonal lifestyle magazine and daily blog with a focus on pop culture written by the geek community. The magazine aims to promote girl power and positivity as well as nerd culture. The Sartorial Geek was created by Brooklyn based small business owner and Executive Editor Jordan Ellis.

Jordan, creator of the hand-made and eco-friendly geek-chic brand Jordandené, decided to create the magazine as another platform for geeky lifestyles and to connect within the community. Jordandené features an all-female team #GirlPower, with a product that can be classified as casual geek. The brands apparel and home goods are “subtle enough to actually be used in everyday life.”  



“A new seasonal, geeky lifestyle magazine

and daily blog”

Jordan Ellis (Jordandené)

“This project is truly combining everything I love. Through running Jordandené, I’ve gotten to meet so many cool people, hear incredible stories, and dive deep into the wild world of nerd Culture. The Sartorial Geek lets me fuse all of those passions into something I sincerely hope our community will enjoy.”

—Jordan Ellis, Executive Editor

 The magazine will be released on a quarterly basis with its Spring issue officially launching today. Featured on the first cover is Health Coach and fellow geek girl Robyn Warren, founder of the female empowerment and fitness initiative Geek Girl Strong. (I am actually starting the GGS Power Program this weekend which I am so excited for!)



“My main goal in life is to help girls and women realize that they are the super heroines they thought they would only read about.”

—Robyn Warren, Physical/Health Educator


The magazines first cover girl Robyn recently modeled for the Exclusive Black Panther Jewelry line.

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Screen Shot 2018-03-07 at 6.14.56 PM
Courtesy of Marvel/ Rock Love Jewelery

Our Spring ’18 Issue Includes:

  •        A celebration of women throughout history and
    pop culture  
  •        Interviews with Wonder Women author Sam Maggs and Top
    Chef contestant Fatima Ali  
  •        A behind-the-scenes look at designing an
    officially licensed jewelry collection      
  • Challenges, quizzes, and other geeky activities


The Sartorial Geek will be available for free as a digital download
to all Jordandené mailing list subscribers and for digital purchase.
A limited number of physical copies will also be available at our
spring events and for purchase through the Jordandené website.

100% Awesome Official Dr Who Merchandise

Make sure to follow: @sartorialgeek and use the hashtag #sartorialgeek







Trust Me, I'm a Superhero

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