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My First Free Comic Book Day: The Experience

Being a geek in Northern Nevada on May 2, 2015 can be a bit of a challenge if wanting to participate in my first Free Comic Book Day.  So, I decided to head over the mountain to the Sacramento area for the weekend.  We visited three comic book stores in the area on Saturday, where everyone seemed to be having a great time, despite the warm temperature and long lines to get their free comic books and make purchases of highly discounted merchandise.

Our first stop was Empires Comics Vault.  This was by far the most crowded event we stopped at.  The parking lot was full, and the line for comics wrapped around the side of the building.  I really enjoyed the mini con atmosphere, where there were cosplayers of superheros, an outdoor wrestling ring, and even comic book authors available for meet and greet and to sign merch.  I opted to not stand in the line for comics, however, hoping there may be a shorter line somewhere else later.

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Next we went to A-1 Comics in Sacramento.  The store was pretty packed and the line of customers waiting for their free comics flowed out the door.  There was also a line that wrapped around the inside of the store with customers making purchases. The atmosphere here was also great! Everyone was friendly and we had a chance to visit a bit with a couple of cosplayers from the area.  And, since the line was pretty long, and in the sun, I once again opted to wait for my free comics.

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Our final stop was at the A-1 Comics in Roseville.  By now it was later in the afternoon and there was no line for the free comics-perfect! So, I got my free comics and looked around the store for a while. The line of people purchasing comic books was long, but nobody seemed to be bothered that they had to wait.


My first experience going out and getting comic books on Free Comic Book was so much fun.  Everyone at each store we went to was happy and having a great time. The smiles on kid’s faces were fantastic.  Seeing so many parents with young children out at the stores was so much fun.  These children were so happy to have their new prize possessions in hand.  This is definitely something that will be on my calendar next year







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