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Nerdcore Hip Hop Artist Darealwordsound is Back With a New Album

Last month, G33k -HQ went Behind the Scenes with Nerdcore Hip Hop artist Darealwordsound. Since that interview, Williams has finished his summer tour of the west coast and has found himself back in the spotlight with the release of his latest album, named after his summer tour, #OtakuTour.

You can tell Wordsound had fun producing this album with funky and catchy beats featuring video game and other nerdy sound clips looped in but in all seriousness this album is full of emotion and gives listeners the opportunity to get inside the head of Darealwordsound and understand him not only as an artist, but as a man, a husband and, of course, a geek.

It amazes me how Darealwordsound has the ability to write about fictional characters and situations in geekdom, yet still make the music so easy for us as fans to relate to. For example, The Wanderer, track 6 on #OtakuTour is a story of Rurouni Kenshin accepting the demons from his past, but with lyrics like;

“All these beliefs none of them real
Cause they still rely on the steal

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Government rich off of the poor
Corrupt politics and drug overlords

So I still carry my sword
Not as I did before

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Made an oath with all the dead
Praying I feel alive again,”

it’s hard not to feel like these tracks are written about modern society and our very own struggles.


There is so much to love about this album and something to like about or relate to in every single track. If I had to chose a favorite track from the album, it would have to be NERD. It is the anthem of all anthems for NERD’s everywhere and makes me proud to be content with who I am.

You can check out the album yourself and download it for FREE using the links below. Also be sure to follow Darealwordsound on facebook and twitter to stay up to date on all of his music, because he’s already working on his next project, Beyond Bars, coming in 2015!

Download #OtakuTour for FREE today:

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