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Nike Confirms Release of ‘Back To The Future’ Sneakers

You’ve heard about how the “Back to the Future” trilogy travels to the year 2015, and you’ve read countless lists of what the movie got right and wrong about the future.

Now thanks to Nike, there will be one more thing that the movie series gets right. The famous Nike high-tops worn by Marty McFly/Michael J. Fox in “Back to the Future 2” will come to life in a 2015 release — with the Power Laces.

Nike innovation chief Tinker Hatfield confirmed this news while speaking at a trade show Tuesday in Long Beach, California, according to a report by Nice Kicks.

For further evidence that these shoes will become a reality, Nice Kicks reported on the U.S. Patent papers Nike filed for the Power Laces.B2Fshoenikerelease_0.png

A specific release date — and a price, for that matter — weren’t available.

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“The anticipation for this release is something that few understand,” Matt Halfhill, publisher of NiceKicks, told Mashable. “I don’t even know if everyone at Nike realizes just how much demand there is for this shoe.”

This wasn’t an overnight decision, though. Nike auctioned off 1,500 pairs of a limited edition of the shoe back in 2011, donating the proceeds to the Michael J. Fox Foundation, making it clear that the company understood the value of the product. Some high-end sneaker shops later sold the 2011 edition for $5,000.

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Now, fans can own the real thing — or at least, they will soon.

There are plenty of other products featured in the movie that could have a second life in reality, although some are a little more far-fetched than others. Food hydrators probably aren’t going to become a thing in the next 11.5 months.

We know legions of fans who would flock to buy a pair of these.  Let’s hope it really happens!





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