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Let’s all face it, whether it be the San Diego Comic Con or the New York Comic Con, we have all wanted to go to a con one way or another. I am no different than anyone else. On November 21st I was able to do just that. Wizard World decided to add a large list of new locations for Comic Con this year and it just so happens my hometown, the biggest little city in the world, was on it. Reno, Nevada has had many conventions run through it over the years. The only one I can think of that would be bigger than Wizard World Comic Con was the Safari Convention, which grew too big for Reno.


To say Comic Con is big would do it an injustice. It’s huge, ginormous, gargantuan, and any other word that you use that means larger than life. As I walked through the doors that led to the exhibition hall, I felt like only a small atom in the larger mass. The first thing you see is the vendors, and there were a lot of them, followed by the mass of people perusing the wares that each vendor had to offer. The row after that were the “Artists,” but it was more than just that. They had authors, a place to find college classes based on stuff like Star Trek and Star Wars (Thank you Daryl Frazetti Ph.D.), and even Mary L. Cleave Ph.D. P.E. (A NASA Engineer!).



After you wade through the ocean of a crowd, pass the vendors, through the “Artist” area, you finally come across the Big Named people. Surprisingly to me, there were some stars who were not getting the fan love they so clearly deserved. The biggest surprise to me was Kevin Sorbo. I absolutely love the guy. I made sure I got his autograph and a picture of him. He had almost no line and at times he didn’t have a line at all. The guy was Hercules and Captain Dylan Hunt, give him some fan love! There were times I was able to just talk to him with no wait. The next time I am going to a con as press and he is there, I will definitely get an interview with him.

I was also surprised to see that Walter Koenig (Chekov from Star Trek) had little to no line. Sure he was placed next to Shatner. But I personally prefer Mr. Koenig and with as many Star Trek fans I saw there, I was hoping he would get more fan love then he got.

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Screams could be heard as Norman Reedus took to his booth. Same with Karen Gillan as they were the big hit at the con with lines that seemed to never stop.


Cosplay is a huge part in the Comic Con culture, everywhere you turned there was someone dressed as something. I think my favorite cosplay was a woman running around as the T.A.R.D.I.S.. I’m not talking one of those T.A.R.D.I.S. dresses you can get at Hot Topic or online. I mean a physical T.A.R.D.I.S. that she had built and was inside of, with a door that she could get in and out of. I myself went as Classic Comic Book Peter Parker on Saturday which happened to be my first cosplay and as a writer/photographer, I thought it was appropriate.

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At one point while I was standing and talking to Daryl Frazetti about Tribbles and other Star Trek related things, I watched Michael Rooker run by with his assistant in tow with a big smile on his face as his handler tried to keep up. All I could do was laugh and try not to fall over. If you have never met him, he is a riot and a great man.

The last thing I want to mention is the blast from the past I got while I was there. Being a kid in the 90’s in Reno,  I remember reading a comic called Cool Jerk and as I walked down by the end of an aisle there was Paul Horn and his creation Cool Jerk. If you have never read the comic, I suggest doing it at or buy one of his books. You will not only feel nostalgic for the 90’s but you will get a good laugh out of it, too. And Mr. Horn, if you’re reading this, thank you!


Till next time


Trust Me, I'm a Superhero

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Scott is a photographer and writer from Northern Nevada. His g33k started when he was young with Star Trek: TNG. From there it grew and grew till he was doing conventions and ren faires all over the place.

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