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Resident Evil: Siren’s Song Update & Pics

Do you dream of the end of days? Does the thought of shooting the undead bring a smile to your face? Do you possess a natural distrust of large corporations? If so, you should be super excited about the upcoming film Resident Evil: Siren’s Song.

Resident Evil: Siren’s Song is a horror/gaming fan film being shot and produced in Northern California; written by Shaun Patrick of Sacramento Film Armory and Anthony Villa, and directed by Reginald Waters. I recently had the pleasure of not only attending the promo video shoot but also participating in the scenes. When I was invited I didn’t know what to expect, but what I walked into was mind-blowing! Literally; you gotta shoot them in the head or they keep coming at ya. But enough about the undead, let’s talk about the set.


The filming took place aboard the MV Aurora, a 294 foot, German-built vintage cruise ship which is currently undergoing preservation efforts in Rio Vista, California. She has sailed under the names Wappen von Hamburg, Delos, Polar Star, Pacific Star, Xanadu, Expex, Faithful, and finally in 2010, Aurora.

Built in 1955, she was the first ship to be made in West Germany since World War II and has appeared in numerous silver screen movies since; including her part as the Spectre yacht in the 1963 Bond flick, From Russia With Love, 1990’s Godzilla, Bay Watch and her appearance in 2009 on an episode of Life After People on the History Channel. Needless to say, she was a labyrinth of history, intrigue and blood splatters after we were done. It was a perfect backdrop for the story we were unfolding.

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Keeping with the traditional sci-fi/horror/action/video game feel of the Resident Evil franchise, Siren’s Song is chalk-full of all the elements you’ve come to love in your post-apocalyptic entertainment; but with a fresh twist and perspective. In the promo bits shot yesterday, viewers get to see where the Umbrella Corp scientists “slip up” and how quickly other Corp staff and RCPD members are forced to react aboard the creepy and ominous vessel.

It really “turned” out to be a great day of filming, although we all feel like animated corpses by the end of the day; not just us zombies. The team of folks involved bring a high level of creativity and professionalism to the table and it is reflected in the clips I have seen so far. Everyone gave 110% in their performances and the effects and makeup were extremely well done. I feel very honored to be able to be a part of this film and am excited to share it with you!

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The film is currently in production, so please be sure to follow along with the progress, screening dates and zany antics at and @resirensssong on Instagram. Stay tuned for more exciting announcements and remember, cardio is very important.

Featured in photos: Shane Maus, Nikhil Naidu, Micaela Davi Rubio of Arizzel Cosplay and Crafts, Daisy Yuni Martinez, Jennifer Ravensong, Grid Margraf, David Jon Foster,


Photos by: Bill Reid Photography, Pamela Montini Photography and J Ravensong Productions

Sincerely yours,

Jennifer Ravensong – Your friendly neighborhood zombie!

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