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Revenge of the Fifth My Review on Star Wars Celebration and Giveaway

IMG_1327G33k-Hq writers Skulldouggary, Danny the photographer and Kitten Speaks Geek all went down to Star Wars Celebration 7. We all were excited and had never been to any of the Star Wars conventions that we couldn’t wait to see what this convention was all about.

There was a lot of photo op places set up through out the convention. You could take pictures with Rancor, speeder bikes, in the cantina, with droids. There was a multitude of these types of photo ops and there were always lines of people waiting to get a chance. I didn’t stop to do any of them and of course now I’m a little bit sad I didn’t stop. This was the first convention that I really saw set ups of this magnitude.

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There were lots of vendors selling mostly Star Wars items but lots of vendors selling everything geeky. You could buy shirts, robes, movies, backpacks and toys. I saw lots of things I wanted but had to be careful and not spend too much money. I wanted everything. I thought the coolest non star wars items they had for sale were old theater premiere booklets. I totally wanted to pick up a couple of them. IMG_1083

There were lots of exclusives at the different booths. Thinkgeek had a cool pin. There were exclusive pins that you could purchase, or trade for. The pins were a cool thing. They were all over the convention and some were purchasable, some for trading, others you had to do things for. I liked that they made it so there were different ways to complete the sets. One artist had a set of postcards that you could get a new one everyday and at the end you got a very cool postcard. IMG_1077

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Lego’s was there with a build that you could take home. Each day there was a different ship. You could make the destroyer, xwing, millenium falcon and tie fighter. I definitely went in and made one of each because I wanted to add them to my lego collection.

There were lots of cool things and so I’m gonna giveaway a little goodie bag of swag from the convention. There will be toys, cards, and more. So enter the rafflecopter and lets win some goodies.


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