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Review and Gallery: Fanime Day 1

Fanime tends to be a con about cosplayers, and their friends getting to hang out. This Fanime didn’t deviate from that formula and we started our first day capturing a lot of fantastic cosplay in the outside area’s.

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The line problems from previous years were mostly taken care of although some attendees did have issues, but mostly, the line ran smoothly. The weather was nice and G33K-HQ staff were able to walk around and take plenty of pictures throughout the day.


In the evening, we had some photo shoots, and then enjoyed some of the amazing DJ sets in the converted dance area. The only real complaint with the dance area was the positioning of one of the DJ’s inside of the water room it created a not ideal atmosphere. DJ Sean still did a great set and got the room packed with people dancing. Day 1 of Fanime ended on a high note, and the G33K-HQ staff headed back to our rooms.

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