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Review: RAGECon 2017

RAGECon Stands for Reno Area Gaming Expo, this 4th-year event held in its temporary location at the Sands Regency Casino Hotel. The event was on the last weekend of June, Noon to midnight Friday, 8 am to midnight Saturday and 8 am to 8 pm Sunday.

The location provided a small vendor room, a separate room for miniatures and role-playing games, the main room had tables and chairs from end to end for gameplay. A very large and extensive game library lined the back wall of the main room.

I believe tabletop gamers live on coffee, energy drinks, and soda. Everybody has a favorite to keep them in gameplay. Cases of caffeinated drinks accompanied the players into the gaming area.

In years 2 and 3 the event had a costume contest to bring in the cosplay community. This year the costume contest was not on the program along with only one panel per day. Previous years panels would happen throughout the day. It appears to have been a space limitation this year.

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Vendor Highlights would be being able to see
and, was great to be able to speak g33k.

RAGE Bucks, you can earn RAGE Bucks by playing a game, learning a game, seeing a demo and attending a panel. The RAGE Bucks and be used to win prizes in the raffle. Raffle drawings were held twice a day.

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My 3rd year going to RAGECon this year was more about getting back to basics and just play a game. A little bird chirped that RAGECon is moving to his new permanent home at the Atlantis Casino Hotel next year, where they will the return of the costume contest. I look forward to Next years event. Happy gaming.

Here are my photos from day one of RAGECon. More photos soon.


All photos in this gallery by Perry “Agent P” Louie Be sure to keep an eye out on his official Facebook page for more.

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