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Road to ID10T: The Sound


Ok Go

As we get closer to ID10T, presented by Chris Hardwick, we’re going to take a look at some of the fantastic music line up it has to offer. I’m starting with a definite geek centric group we all know as Ok Go.   The grunge scene of the early 90’s and the burgeoning Pop-punk music scene, while producing some really good music, felt lacking a connection with the geek community. A few key bands came out and started producing a style of music that really fit connected with the geek mindset.

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Ok go was one of the pioneers of making good music, that connected with fans and videos that showed their geek backgrounds. Ok Go started in the late 90’s and really hit their stride with their second album “Oh No” which allowed them to create the music video for “A Million ways”.

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A Million Ways was just a fun video, introducing them dancing and while their music played.  In the era before everyone had smart phones we all wanted to record the dorky stuff we were doing with friends, and Ok Go did just that and it was amazing. This band really hit the right notes with a generation of Geeks and Nerds at a time when being either carried stigmata in society. Ok Go continued to make amazing video’s that really kept surprising and entertaining their fans.

Personally, I think needing/getting is my favorite video, and has one of my favorite songs also. The whole concept of making music with both trash and a car, just amuse me so much. They took it to the next level with their Upside down/Inside out by filming in a “vomit comet” and showing us, how fun Zero G can be. Ok Go is a band that is iconic and I can’t wait to see them at ID10T this weekend.


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