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Shasn The Game Review

If you are like us then you have yet to hear about the upcoming tabletop game Shasn, but that is OK because we have a review for you to get you familiar with this exciting new competitive strategy game.

Game Information:

Your democracy is in danger. You are a politician in the middle of a critical election that will decide your nation’s fate.
Shasn is a competitive, strategy board game for 4 players.
You make policy decisions, earn resources, and build ideologies as you influence voters and race to win the election.
In a powerful simulation of real world democracy, you must strategize, trade, and negotiate your way to victory.
Shasn is created by Zain Memon at Memesys Culture Lab.


Every election in a game of Shasn sees a heated contest among political challengers as they attempt to strategically control areas of the map.

Your area of influence is an important reflection of your power on the table.

You must do all that you can to seize more area and safeguard what lies in your control.


Every turn, you must make tough moral and political choices as you tackle urgent policy dilemmas.

As you answer Ideology Cards, you will earn the resources used to influence voters, and build your political identities.

Will you do what you believe in, or whatever is necessary to win?


Resources are the lifeblood of your political schemes. Use them to influence voters for your cause or invest in devastating Conspiracy Cards to sabotage your opponents.

The politician’s toolbox has been distilled to 4 in-game currencies – campaign funds, media attention, street clout, and public trust.

Manage and wield these resources wisely in your quest for political domination.


Shasn is an incisive examination of power and those who wield it. It reveals the inner workings of the political machinations that govern our society.

Experience the dilemmas of policy-making, the quest and consequences of power, and morality in the face of profit.

What choices will you make as a harbinger of change?

Rule Book:


Let me start by saying the copy of the game we received is a prototype, but one of the best prototypes we have seen as far as quality and ready to play like retail. Upon receiving Shasn, we were blown away by the box art. Once we opened the game we were excited to see all the different components and decks, this is a fairly large game for a game based on politics. The rules were easy to follow and set up the game. Once you start playing you can not help but get excited about your next turn. Players have a few actions on each turn, and here is when strategy comes into play. The game does a great job with its mechanics. Overall we were very excited to play Shasn, as the game reels you in from the start and has you planning and working either with or against other players from beginning to end.


The Good:

Some of our favorite parts of the game are the fact the components and cards are very easily distinguished. The artwork of this game is incredible! The player boards have spots for everything and give you some base info for all characters. The rules are very clear and precise.

The Not So Good:

Other then a few things, such as the resources and insert being a bit lower quality compared to every other components, and the colors of the “voters” being different from the characters actual colors, which can all be attributed to the game being a prototype, the only one or two things we found to be “negative.” We have to say is the fifth player seems to have been an afterthought as there are only four character cards and characters represented on the boards. The rules and box don’t mention this is a 4-5 player game upfront so you might be confused or not as excited to play upon learning you must have at least 4 players to play.

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Shasn is not just another game of political conquest, it is a fun game filled with teamwork, competitiveness, cunning and a lot of strategies. Has some of the most detailed Box-art we have seen! If you are looking for a fun game to add to game night when you have four players then you will definitely be excited about Shasn! We highly recommend this game!

Let me also be sure to mention, the version we played was a prototype, and changes/ updates have happened since! So be sure to head over to Kickstarter to learn more and pledge!

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Shasn The Game Review

Art - 9
Components - 8
Gameplay - 8
Lore - 6
Rules - 8


Shasn is not just another game of political conquest, it is a fun game filled with teamwork, competitiveness, cunning and a lot of strategy that will have your game night excited and leave players ready to play again. Has some of the most detailed Box-art we have seen!

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