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Sports: Ronda Rousey IS Headed to The WWE

Ronda Rousey makes WWE debut wearing Rowdy Roddy Piper‘s leather jacket at this year’s Royal Rumble.


We will see her at WrestleMania but will we see her in the ring before April 8th?


What will her match at WrestleMania be? Rousey and The Rock vs  Triple H and Stephanie McMahon like the rumors are suggesting?  Or will she wrestle for one of the women’s belts? I guess only time will tell.

I could see her taking over the women’s division and getting bored and then taking on the guys like Chyna did, I just don’t think WWE would be comfortable with a storyline like that now though.

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Will she be a heel or a babyface?  Please please let her be a heel, just like piper was, altho she will have to work on not smiling in the ring but she will probably be a babyface. I guess we will have to watch and find out.

Will we see a moment where she forgets that she is in the WWE, not the UFC and has her instinct kick in and goes for a submission similar to Daniel Pruder in the match years ago when he could have broken Kurt Angles arm?

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My road to #wrestlemania begins now

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