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Take On The Roll Of A Mixologist In On The Rocks

If you are into tabletop games, and or cocktails then you will want to check out On The Rocks by PenTree Games.

About Game:


2 – 4 PLAYERS |  40 – 60 MINUTES  |  AGES 14+

Welcome to On The Rocks cocktail lounge, where only the city’s best Mixologist expertly prepares cocktails patrons are craving.
In “On The Rocks” players will select from 3 to 4 drink orders for each of the 3 rounds. Players will then roll the dice and draft that amount of marbles from the shaker bag.
The marbles will then be placed in the centralized mixing area bowls one at a time and then select one bowl. All ingredients will be placed on their player board based off the recipe cards.
A tip card will be award to every drink completed over the 3 rounds. The first player to complete all 3 orders will call “Last Call” activating the end game. All players will have one remaining chance to complete their final orders.
Players will add up their final score based off the drinks completed, tips earned and additional tip for completing all orders. Tip cards can either be used in final scoring or use its ability to provide additional ingredients or affect other players.
Player with the most income is the city’s best mixologist for the night.  Cheers!

How To Play:

Jambalaya Plays Games Preview and Play through :

Be sure to head over to Kickstarter to learn more and pledge to get a copy.

On The Rocks Anticipation Rating

Theme/Lore - 7
Art - 8
Components - 8
Gameplay - 7.5


This is an anticipation rating based off of the information of the game, not gameplay.

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