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The Quest Kids RPG Review

We have talked about The Quest Kids before but now is your chance to get order a copy for yourself as the game is live on Kickstarter. Be sure to check out our review below to learn more about this wonderful RPG experience for kids.

About the game:

How To Play:

Rule Book:


When we received The Quest Kids prototype, we expected a good looking kids game with some simple rules that kids would enjoy, well we were correct, but the game was not just enjoyed by the kids, but the adults as well. The game setup is straight forward and easily done. Players each get a character standee, corresponding player mat, 3 Health Cards, and 1 Quest Card. Then you shuffle all of the Dungeon Tiles, then randomly “place the GREEN and GRAY Dungeon Tiles in the four rooms on the left side of the board and the RED Dungeon Tiles in the three rooms on the right side of the board.” You will then put the treasure tiles in the treasure bag, and put the remaining “Ability Cards, Quest Cards and Kind Kid Cards” on their designated locations on the game board. To start playing you will put the character standees at the front of the dungeon, with the “player who most recently went on an adventure going first.” The gameplay is turned based, with characters exploring the rooms flipping over the “Dungeon” cards and resolving the appropriate action per card, and with the ability to ask for help from other players keeps all players active even not on their turn. Play continues until all the “Dungeoun” cards have been flipped over and all actions dealt with. The Quest Kids also has a campaign mode of play as well, you can see the rules for in the book above.


The Good:

Where to start… We loved everything about the game. The art is perfect for kids and very well done with lots of details. The components are of great quality. The rules are easy to understand and teach. The gameplay brings lots of excitement in a fast-paced timeframe keeping everyone excited for their turn.

The Not So Good:

The only real “Not So Good” we found when playing was some of the “doors” may have been a bit hard to distinguish for young players at first and needed a few pointed out to them.

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If you are looking for a full-fledged adventure RPG that you can get the kids and young ones into, then you will not want to miss out on The Quest Kids! Quest kids have some amazing art, easy to follow rules and all the adventuring you could want from an RPG.

The Quest Kids RPG Review

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