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This Game Is A DISASTER Review

We posted about This Game Is A DISASTER a few days ago, and now we have had time to sit down and play so please enjoy our review. This review is based upon the Print and Play version so the final version may have some changes, and of course, the final product will be printed on good quality stock and have a good quality package. 🙂

About the game:

The people of Earth were shocked to find out climate change was not a hoax. If one disaster hit them they may have been prepared, but what happens when all the disasters hit at the same time?

This Game Is A Disaster is a very uncooperative card game where each of the 2-6 players take an equal part of the deck with each card representing one of their disaster survivors. The players take turns playing cards that recreate familiar scenes from disaster movies – giant tsunamis, impromptu volcanoes, and sometimes sharks! The goal is destroy all opponents’ cards and to be the last player with cards left.

A central part of “Disaster” is the shared discard pile, known as the Destroyed Pile. Players lose cards to this central pile but can play cards to retrieve as well, representing the reunions and other bright spots that appear in disaster movies.

This Game Is A Disaster is a fast and fun game that is as ridiculous as it is severe.
—description from the designer


This Game Is A Disaster is a fun fast paced game that will have you playing out some of your favorite disaster movie tropes. Players start off with their own decks, which vary in size depending on the number of players. Each player will have their own hand and discard piles as well. There is a center “Destroyed” pile for the game where cards that are destroyed go, rather then players discard deck. Although there is a “destroyed” pile in the game, some cards can have players returning cards from this pile to the game, as not all cards are removed from the game permanently as you play.


Players will take turns, going clockwise performing the following actions; You draw from your deck to make sure you have your max number of cards in your hand, then play a card resolving all actions on the card you play, then discard the played card into your discard pile, then the player will draw cards again maxing out their hand.

Note: if a card has a red background behind the text the card is put in the “destroyed” pile rather then players discard pile.

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Play continues as players are eliminated, by running out of cards, leaving the winner being the only player with cards left.

There are variations of play rules that can add a twist of excitement to the game, keeping it fresh every time you play:

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The Good:

The game nails the theme perfectly. This Game Is A Disaster has some fun art that nods at disaster movies in a fun way. The rules are clear and precise. This Game Is A Disaster has different play variations that are sure to get your game night excited. The gameplay is fun fast and paced. The game consisting of a deck of 60 cards makes for a small footprint and perfect for traveling.

The Not So Good:

The not so good we found with the game would be that if you do not care for the disaster movie trope you may not be excited to play at first, but even then once you start playing you will find yourself having a lot of fun.



If you are looking for a fun fast paced card game to add to your game night then you will not want to pass up This Game Is A Disaster! If you love disaster flicks this game is for you! Even if you don’t you are sure to find excitement in this fun travel size card game!

Be sure to head over to Kickstarter and pledge to get a copy of the game!

This Game Is A DISASTER Review

Lore - 8
Art - 9
Gameplay - 8.5


User Rating: 3.6 ( 1 votes)
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