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Tim Bruckner Has Re-Opened His Shop With Rare Pieces from his Archive

Tim Bruckner, world renowned sculpter, has opened his shop up with some of his incredible pieces.

Bizarro Am Not For Sale!

What he means is, Bizarro IS for sale. Writing in Bizarro-speak is hard. Should we say this bust “no am beautiful” or “am ugly”? Should we say it “no am rare” or “am generally easy to find”? Should we say “no buy it” or “sell it”? That last one seems super-confusing. 

This Silver Age-style bust was produced in 2002 by DC Direct. He is #0047/1300. There were six characters in the series, five of which were sculpted by Tim Bruckner. It is out of print and generally unavailable.

The Joker’s On You!

The Joker is a force of nature, pure chaos in vaguely humanoid form. So it makes sense that he was the first villain in the DC Dynamics line. Inspired by the artwork of J.C. Leyendecker, the Dynamics line of sculptures portrayed heroes in motion, as near-mythological figures. The Joker may not be heroic, but mythology has plenty of demons as well…

Released in February 2017 by DC Collectibles, this DC Dynamics sculpture of the Joker is an unnumbered artist’s proof. It is very hard-to-find nowadays.

Full press release:

Tim Bruckner Re-Opens Shop With Rare Pieces from his Archive

Acclaimed sculptor Tim Bruckner is the man behind some of the most iconic and dynamic collectibles in the world, including action figures, busts, and statues for Marvel Comics, DC Comics, Star Trek, wrestling and more. Many of his older sculptures go for high values on the secondary market, if they can be found at all. Now, Tim is opening up his archive to offer some of those older pieces to collectors.
Over on his blog,,

Tim has begun with two classic items, the Silver Age Bizarro Bust and the DC Dynamics Joker Statue. The Silver Age series depicted classic DC characters in their most iconic looks, and his Bizarro is a particularly distinctive character. The seminal DC Dynamics line put Bruckner’s mastery of the form on full display, capturing DC’s greatest heroes (and the Joker) in fluid movement.

Interested parties can contact the Tim Bruckner Shop at, and come back to the blog for more offerings in the future. New pieces will be announced on the TBS Facebook page, as well as on Tim’s personal page. All items can be signed on request.

For more information, contact

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