Toy: Build-A-Bear Workshop Adds Nintendo Characters

Build-A-Bear Workshop has added some of our favorite Nintendo Characters from Super Mario Bros.

Mario Bear:


WOOHOO! Everyone’s favorite mustached-hero is joining the Make-Your-Own fun! With his built-in suit, iconic mustache and Super Mario logo on his paw pad, Mario Bear is ready to jump to the rescue! Make a beloved global icon in furry friend form and add Mario Bear to your all-star team! ™ & © 2017 Nintendo.

  • SKU: 025651
  • Eye Color: BLUE
  • Friend Height: 16




Kind-hearted and easygoing, Yoshis are always ready for adventure! With their signature shell and shoes included, it’s more fun than ever to add Mario’s closest buddy to your collection. ™ & © 2017 Nintendo.

  • SKU: 025655
  • Eye Color: BLACK
  • Friend Height: 16




Be the boss with Make-Your-Own Bowser! The troublemaking King of the Koopas is ferociously fun when downsized to furry friend form. With his awesome back shell and a cool Super Mario™ graphic on the paw pad, Bowser is an epic addition to your collection! ™ & © 2017 Nintendo.

  • SKU: 025663
  • Eye Color: ORANGE
  • Friend Height: 15




“I’m the best!” This cute and helpful Toad always has positive words of encouragement for Mario. This pre-stuffed furry friend features Toad’s signature red and white polka dots, blue vest and white pants. Protect the Mushroom Kingdom and add Toad to your collection! ™ & © 2017 Nintendo.

  • SKU: 025634


Luigi Costume 2 pc.:


Okie dokie! With his signature green hat and shirt and navy blue overalls included, this official Luigi costume is the perfect way to make your furry friend look just like Mario’s younger brother! ™ & © 2017 Nintendo.

  • SKU: 025632


Princess Peach Costume 2 pc.:


Our princess might be in another castle, but your furry friend will be positively peachy in your arms when dressed in this two-piece Princess Peach costume! ™ & © 2017 Nintendo.

  • SKU: 025633


Red Super Mario™ Hoodie:


Jump into fun with this adorable red hoodie! With a fun Mario and Yoshi graphic on the front, this warm hoodie will delight Super Mario fans of all ages. ™ & © 2017 Nintendo.

  • SKU: 025599


Super Mario™ Wrist Accessory Set 3 pc.:


Power up your furry friend’s accessories by adding this awesome three-piece set to your collection! This plush wrist accessory set comes with Yoshi’s Egg, a Super Star and a Super Mushroom. ™ & © 2017 Nintendo.

  • SKU: 025650


Super Mario Bros.™ Theme Song:


Power up your all-star team and head to the castle by adding the Super Mario Bros. Theme Song to your furry friend! This iconic theme will play throughout the Mushroom Kingdom anytime you give your furry friend a hug! ™ & © 2017 Nintendo.

  • SKU: 025637


Bowser 5-in-1 Sounds:


Bwahahaha! Your Bowser furry friend will be the ultimate boss when you add his signature 5-in-1 sounds! ™ & © 2017 Nintendo.

  • SKU: 025635





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