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Toys: Awesome DIY 6″ Action Figures

Think Geek has done it again. Check out this awesome 6″ DIY action figure that lets you customize any way you want! You can pick them up on Think Geek for $12.99 each (male or female) or $19.99 for one of each.


Product Specs:

  • Two 6″ figures for you to customize into your own superhero(ine)
  • Your choice: Male or Female (or one of each and save)
  • Each figure includes:
    • A 6″ figure with 14 points of articulation
    • A removable (and firm plastic) cape
    • Three pairs of hands (fists, open, and ready to hold a weapon)
  • Paint not included, because we know you have your own
  • Material: Semi-flexible PVC
  • A ThinkGeek exclusive!
  • Dimensions: 6″ tall

diy-heroes-01 diy-heroes-02

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