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Valiant Comics: A Brief Interview With Andy Liegl

ID10T was this last weekend, and with some of the small publishers of comics showing up to the event, we decided to spend some time catching up with a rising star of the industry, Valiant Comics. Andy Liegl sat down with us for a few minutes to tell us why now is a good time to check out the Valiant universe and see what it has to offer:

The wind kicked up around our mic a little but Andy’s enthusiasm carried through

Marcos: So what is Valiant Comics and why is it amazing?


Andy Liegl: Well we are kind of an Indie Superhero Universe, we have over 2,000 unique characters in our universe, and we are the best-reviewed publisher in comics, you might have something to do with that. Laughs

But yes, we have over 2,000 different characters, each has their own series with their own vibe. You’ve read our stuff, you tell me.

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Marcos: What do I think about Valiant? Honestly, it’s one of the reasons I’m back into comics. Laughs

Andy: That’s why we exist, we love the industry and here we are.

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Marcos: Who is your favorite character in the Valiant Universe?

Andy: Oh, in our universe? Ooooh, so I can’t say the Harbinger Renegades, that’s five characters, I’d like to say X-O actually, X-O Manowar. I love Aric’s storyline that’s been going on since 2012 and all the stuff that’s happened to him over 56 issues who he was at the beginning and how he’s a man of three people.



Marcos: A man of Loam, a man of Earth and a man of the Visigoths right?

Andy: Correct, he never wanted that, he’s just a battering ram, he just wanted to destroy the Romans who attacked him and now he’s a king.


Marcos: Speaking of that, do you have any information of what’s going on between him and Shanhara?

Andy: I like my job, are you trying to get my fired?!? Geez!

Aric has seemingly cast out his old comrade, the living god made armor, Shanhara

Marcos: So who would win in a fight…

Andy: You or me? Definitely you


Marcos: laughs I don’t know man, I’ve got a bad knee, but, who would win in a fight, X-O or Green Lantern?

Andy: Of course I’m going to say X-O Manowar! Even then, Aric of Dacia, talking about Willpower, I think if anyone in our universe would get a Green Lantern ring, it would be Aric. His willpower is pretty intense, he wills it and it will happen.


Marcos: Talking about willpower, In universe, who would win in a fight, Aric, or Toyo Harada?

Andy: Toyo. I mean, he’s a professor Xavier Juggernaut level!


Marcos: So what conventions are you guys going to? I know you’re going to Vans Warped Tour.

Andy: We will next be at Denver Comic Con, this weekend in Denver Colorado. We have an exclusive cover of Secret Weapons #1 as drawn by Katie Cook, so come check that out. Jodie Houser will be there it’s very exciting.

Secret Weapons is being penned by the screenwriter of  “Arrival,” Erc Heisserer

Then we’re doing Vans Warped Tour, there’s two locations in New York, we’ve put out a press release on that. We’re also doing the two SoCal locations, one in San Diego, one in Pamona. Then after that, I don’t think we’ve announced the calendar beyond that so you’ll have to keep your eye on us


Marcos: Okay, I’ll keep my eye out. So what kind of exclusive Valiant swag can we expect at the Warped Tour?

Andy: Exclusive swag, I’ll touch up on that, but you can get the Secret Weapons shirt, the XO shirt. We did some exclusive stickers, we did an exclusive Faith comic at the Warped Tour that’s free, the price of zero dollars, but you have to go to those locations and get them. You can also go to a location that sponsors Valiant


Marcos: Well thank you very much for all this, this was a pleasure, I’m Marcos with G33k-HQ and be sure to check out Valiant Comics

Secret Weapons #1 and X-O Manowar #4 (The beginnings of the ‘General’ Story arc) come out today, be sure to check your local comic book store for them.

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