Video: Awesome Fan Made Batman Short Teaser

Check out this cool short fan-made CGI Batman Film made by French artist Meas Agun. Some background information on Meas Agun’s Batman:

For all this, I tried to render a classical, generic look as seen in usual comic books, with white eyes, regular suit, and because I loved Dave McKean’s “Arkham Asylum” graphic novel, huuuuuuge overweening horns.

I don’t care these would be cumbersome in a fight; it just looks awesome!!! And it looks crazy, which Batman is. I mean, he’s the ‘Dark Knight’, tormented, enraged, insane… not a fair, pure white hero.

He also is enormously tall (something like 7.3 feet, without the horns ^^), because he… well… he’s a monster. And I pictured him being 50 years old or so, hurt and weary, yet powerful.

Although this is just a teaser I for one hope the project grows and gets refined into a full-length film.




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