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Video: The Great Martian War is a Mash-up of WWI Footage and Digital FX

If one operates within the science fiction and geek spheres of functioning, one quite often sees amazing photoshopped pictures of Star Destroyers mixed with Panzer tanks, or AT-ATs mobilized on major U.S. highways.

Still-life images are one thing. Moving images are quite another.  Within the amazing video below, we find out what film footage from 1917 would look like if war arose from an alien invasion rather than the assassination of an Austrian Archduke. It is certain to keep any Steam/Decopunk fan enraptured and going full-screen is highly recommended.

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Archive recreation for The Great Martian War documentary by impossible factual for History Canada.
Directed by Christian Johnson, (Plazma). and Steve Maher (impossible factual).

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Music: “88” by Working for a Nuclear Free City.

Also, the high-energy soundtrack provided by Working for a Nuclear Free City will get the adrenaline flowing, so be sure to wear high-end headphones and turn up the volume!



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