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Wizard World Heads To Crowdfunding For New Investors

It is no secret that Wizard World has had its ups and downs over the years, but I have to say I did not see them heading to crowdfunding as a way to get new investors or sell tickets (depending on how you look at it), but they did. Wizard World is looking for investors via StartEngine. If you are a fan of their events, or even just curious then here is a break down for you:

Deal Terms:

$2.50 Price per Share

Equity Offering Type

$500.00 Min. Investment

Reasons to Invest:

With over $200 million in lifetime revenue, Wizard Entertainment is the largest fandom expo company in the industry, servicing a multitude of domestic and international cities with more customers and clients than any other competitor in the space

In North America alone, more than $4 billion in economic activity has been generated through Fandom festivals in the live event and experiential space

Wizard Entertainment is managed by a core team of seven executives with a combined industry experience of over fifty years in the entertainment industry

Expanding throughout the North American market

Currently, while we aim to keep our focus on major North American markets, with a successful showing in 16 cities in 2019, we plan to expand the genres we cover and our international presence to bring our traveling expo to more people around the world.  

We also plan to venture out into more markets with identified potential and continue to host events to reach our fan base which has proven enthusiastic about the opportunities attending a Wizard World weekend offers.

Head over to StartEngine to learn more and/or invest in Wizard World.




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