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You Know Whaaa…Labyrinth of Jareth XVIII!

While the Labyrinth of Jareth may have found a new venue and a new date this year, it still held that same magical charm as it did before. Each year I look forward to this amazing masquerade ball and traveling its enchanted realms again and once more it did not disappoint. This year the grand gala event was held at the Millennium Biltmore Hotel in which its has been transformed into a land populated by elves, knights, goblins, nobles, and all sorts of other fanciful denizens.


The new location this year provided guests with a much bigger playground to explore that included four ballrooms, a marketplace, tea room, hookah lounge, and an outside courtyard. Perhaps my favorite thing about the new locale is the blessed AC in the ballrooms which offered some very welcome relief from the August evening heat of Downtown LA. When you’re wearing layers or certain outfits (that you see below) it’s something quite appreciated. I also especially loved how the organizers got the guests involved in the story aspect of the event by way of the post office. I only wish that I could have taken a part in it before the queue filled up, but from the feed back we heard, it was a smashing success and here’s hoping they continue it.



Watching the all the fantastic performances, mingling among such creative and wonderful people, and just having a grand time…I look forward to the next year when the gates of the labyrinth opens once again. Will you be attending? Hope to see you there! Meanwhile check out these photos from the event below.

Full Gallery at Mad Calamity Photos

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