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Interview: Christy Carlson Romano at Kraken Con

Next up in our series of interviews from Kraken Con, we have Christy Carlson Romano. Readers might recognize her from Even Stevens as Ren, or her voice from the titular character of Kim Possible, but in addition to her television credits, she’s got an impressive Broadway history, having played Bell in Disney’s Beauty and the Beast on Broadway, and the parts of Kate Monster and Lucy the Slut on Avenue Q.

The full interview can be seen below. Followed some particularly notable excerpts:


On Kim Possible: “I honestly believe that Kim Possible has this timeless sense of humor that Bob and Mark – the creators – wrote for the whole family. It’s sort of like the jokes can play on a basic level, but then they can play on a more intellectual level too, and I think as children who watched it we enjoy the action and the coloring and the design of Kim, and everything about it captured our attention. But then you get older and appreciate it more – you appreciate the drawing, but even more from a graphic design perspective; they gave her art deco, and every set piece that’s her house or whatever had a very specific design in mind, and it’s almost like artwork.”


On other roles she’d like to play: “I could tell you there’s definitely some shows I’d like to be on. I’m obsessed with Scandal, but I also really have such an affinity for Once Upon a Time; I think there’s a lot of really great characters on that show… Girl Meets World is also a really great show. So the fans ultimately, I think, help a lot, if I were to go back on Disney.”

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(Which then led to the creation of #KPforOnce2015, so if you want to see Christy appear on Once Upon a Time as Kim Possible, perhaps we can let Disney know.)

On Shia LaBeouf’s “Just Do It” video: “I did it! I did it, relax, I did it.”

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You can follow Christy on Twitter: @ChristyRomano, and check her out online at

Also check out our Kraken Con coverage, photo galleries 1, 2, and 3, and our interview with Sarah Williams. We’ll have more interviews up soon!

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