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SDCC Injured Cosplayer: Mother Responds to Police Press Release

The mother of the cosplayer suspected of being assaulted has responded to the official Police press release.  The entire text is below, minus the pictures.  It is safe to say the victims injuries are severe and certainly at the least cause for a closer look into the case.  It is also clear that the man first accused of the assault has admitted to a relationship with the victim, at least putting that question to rest.


“I am truly disappointed in the San Diego Police Department Harbor division’s press release that was sent out on Thursday evening. At this time I want to say there are errors in the facts and I spoke with the detective in charge of this case on Thursday night. MY THREE phone calls to him today to correct this were not returned.
The cosplay community has played an important role in all the information we have gathered this far, but I’m still looking for more information….. Did anyone see anything between midnight and one o’clock at Roy’s restaurant located by the Marriott hotel in the back of the building by the back door. OR I was told there were people lining up at midnight going to the con for the next day across from the restaurant against the convention wall…. but this doesn’t seem to be true. If anyone was in that area or knows of the event that took place here please contact me directly Jill Weyer via facebook. I am NOT sure the police want to continue investigating ….they seem to want to tie this up and put it away as quickly as possible…
Saying my daughter fell over a gate 4 feet tall (she is 5’11) as the detective demonstrated in my living room, holding his hand to his waist saying the gate with this high….. Does not explain the injuries she sustained…. There is a huge hole in their assumed story about what happened. I need your help ….did anyone see anything?? I resent the fact that they said my daughter was “fuzzy” or on “drugs” she was not.
… she was unconscious and has loss of memory due to a brain injury. Each day a tiny little piece of her memory comes back ….but it may never come back fully. She just wants to know what happened so she can find some closure and move on…. There have been so many loving and kind people giving her support via facebook and tumblr……and yet there are so many trolls equally sending her hate mail…saying this is her fault…. Accusing her of putting the 29 year old man in jail… it’s simply not true …
》》On a side note he confessed to the police while Milly was unconscious and in the hospital…. it was only hours later that she discovered he had told them of their relationship. Milly had no intention of saying anything about their previous relationship. As far as she was concerned the relationship was over and they were simply friends…. He promised “no strings attached”….when ahe agreed to accompany him to comic con.


I am posting pictures to let you see what I see ….this is not a fall from a 4 foot gate….. You do not feel the pain and the bruising between your legs and inside your body that is there from sliding/or being pushed over a gate…. you take a look ….
you decide….
Was the San Diego Police Department Harbor division just trying to close out this case because they are “getting killed on the media” from Cosplayers and the San Diego community????
Hopefully we will find the answers together. Once again my family wishes to thank everyone for their well wishes and prayers and information, photos and everything you’ve done to help…. thank you so very much. A special thanks to Chloe Dykstra (from syfy channel “Heroes of Cosplay”) she drove all the way from LA to San Diego to visit my daughter in the hospital, bringing a special birthday gift complete with yummy cupcakes…. I’ve hadn’t seen my daughter smile so bright in a while …. And truly thought I might not see her smile for quite sometime ……

With love and gratitude~

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