Santa Fe Comic Con Approaches with Big Expectations

From the same folks who brought you Albuquerque Comic Con for the last seven consecutive, and quite successful years, comes Santa Fe Comic Con (SFCC)!  Formerly, Tri Con, SFCC will bring fans the best of Horror, Sci Fi and Comic Books to the Buffalo Thunder Resort in Santa Fe, NM October 24-26th.

It’s that time of year too.  Everyone is looking for something to satisfy their need or gore and blood and the Horror aspect of SFCC is sure to give every fan just what they’ve been missing.

From film stars to a film festival themed in the halloween spirit we bring the most fun to the season New Mexico has ever seen. Vampires, Machete wielding psychopaths, Zombies, and Possessed children are the horror characters we will see at SFCC.
Our comic book guests will be known for work in the horror genre and our A list local talent will have exclusive prints appropriate for the season.

-SFCC website


Even, if you’re not a halloween fan, there’s still plenty for you to look forward to.  The guest list features plenty for the Sci-Fi loving fans of the Southwest;

We will see guests from the greatest Sci Fi films and tv shows. Star Wars, Star Trek, Dr. Who, and more.

Science Fiction is a staple for the industry and comic conventions, and SFCC will be no exception.
– SFCC Website

It wouldn’t be a comic con without the comics, and SFCC is no exception!  SFCC will be hosting an array of comic writers, illustrators etc.  Including Inker/Finisher of Marvel Comics, Sam De La Rosa.

Comic books are always the focus of a good comic con. Guest are being requested that are famous for bringing the horror and hero genres to life.

From zombies to vampires to possessed monsters of mad scientists you will see comic book legends who have inspired our childhoods and the lives of our favorite film makers.

– SFCC Website


I think its obvious that there’s going to be something for every geek to appreciate at Santa Fe Comic Con and with over 40 Celebrity Guests on board to attend the event you’d be crazy to miss it!  Especially considering that tickets are as low as $10 for adults and $5 for children!  You can like SFCC on facebook or go to their wesite for more information, a complete guest list and Ticket Prices!





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