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The Top Ten Best April Fools Jokes of the web 2015

April Fools day has, once again, come and gone and the internet left us with many great and some not-so-great pranks. Have you been fooled? 2015’s pranks and fake news stories around the world (wide web) included a backwards search engine, a Leaning Tower of Pisa Hotel, selfie shoes and a whole lot of other ridiculousness. Oh, and the Force from “Star Wars” is totally real. Below is a list of our faves from yesterday along with some of the worst the internet had to offer.


10. Robert Pattinson Cast as Villian in The Walking Dead

Every fan of the show was in utter disgust and disbelief when MoviePilot announced that AMC had cast R. Pattz as the villain, Negan, in The Walking Dead.  However, fans got their wish when the site later confirmed that it was all just an April Fool’s Joke!

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9. Netflix’s Binge Responsibly Campaign


Netflix had some April Fools fun by filiming 13 Public Service Announcements reminding viewers to “Binge Responsibly”.  Anytime a viewer would watch two or more episodes of the same show back-to-back, viewing would be interrupted by a quick and entertaining PSA reminding you to “get some sleep” or live your life.

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8. Honda Announces the HR-V SLF

Honda announced the release of the new HR-V SLF Selfie Edition. Complete with 10 interior cameras. Like, OMG you guys, isn’t this great? Just kidding. It’s not that great. Since the last thing we need is more people using their cars for things which don’t involve driving.



7. Smithsonian puts Wonder Woman’s Invisible Plane on Display

Museum staff work to hang the invisible plane and transform it into its jet configuration.

Getting into the spirit of the day, the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum has unveiled its limited exhibition of Wonder Woman’s invisible jet. Not content with a simple press release, the museum went all out for this April Fools’ joke, publishing an article and creating a video showing the jet’s installation and care.


6. ThinkGeek teased consumers with fake (yet, awesome) merchandise.

Mad Max Desert Drifter

Every year, The genius’ over at ThinkGeek tease us with awesome made-up products that we wish were real.  This year was no exception.  Groot Beer, A Volton Cat Condo, ‘Mad Max’ Desert Drifter Power Wheels, Game of Throne’s edition of Clue and a steampunk PC that runs on real steam were all added to the site as a prank to it’s consumers.

5. IGN – Fast to the Future Trailer

The creative genius’s at IGN mashed up Back to the Future AND Fast and Furious to bring us one epic trailer to make us drool and beg for it to be real.

4. CERN Discovers ‘The Force’ is Real.

light-sabreWho says that scientists do not have a sense of humor? Researchers over at CERN decided to have a little bit of fun this April Fool’s Day, having confirmed that there are more than just forces like gravity which have received their fair share of attention over the centuries, but it seems as though they have also stumbled upon what could very well be “the first unequivocal evidence for the Force.”

3. SONY Announces the Playstation Flow

“When you get to an underwater section of a game like The Last of Us Remastered you can hit pause, head to your nearest pool, dive in and resume playing through PlayStation Flow.” It was very well thought out and somewhat believable, So, props to Sony.


2. Cosplayers troll the net with Misty Cosplay


For April 1 precisely 116 cosplayers decided to completely troll their audiences. At the exact same time, on the exact same day, every single one posted a photograph of themselves cosplaying as Misty from Pokemo, in the exact same pose on their social media pages, all with the same message:

I can’t wait to debut my new Misty cosplay at Cerulean City Comic-Con!! #Pokecon


1. GOOGLE goes all out to win the net


Google  definitely got into the spirit this year with so many announcements, it was almost too much to keep track of, almost.

– Self-browsing Chromebooks – Just sit back end let the computer do the work for you.

– Google Hangouts Easter Eggs – Soften the blow for whoever is on the receiving end of your mischeif.

– Google Fiber Dial-Up Mode – slow internet movement with 56k speeds to help you get back to real life more often.

– Elgoog – a backwards version of, domain and all, at

– Google Maps Pac-man –  It really works. Even on mobile.

– Google Panda – A cuddly toy you can talk to and consult for answers, just like Google Now.

– Keyless Keyboard – The device is a party horn that can be used to input language into your mobile phone via Bluetooth.

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