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Big Hero 6 Gets Animated Series

While any rumors about a “Big Hero 7” movie are unfounded, new official news about what comes next for the Big Hero 6 team has been released on the Disney blog. Rather than a sequel movie, an animated Big Hero 6 TV series has been announced!

The series continues where the movie left off, with Hiro starting classes at San Fransokyo Institute of Technology. He and his friends (Gogo, Honey Lemon, Wasabi, and Fred) continue to defend the city between classes, using the super suits that Hiro created for them, along with the personal healthcare robot Baymax, who was rebuilt at the end of the movie.


The description from the blog states that they’ll be fighting “an array of scientifically-enhanced villains,” so the show will still have a focus on science and technology, rather than generic “super powers.” No actual villains have been named yet, so we shall see what sort of scientific threats the team will face.

Going off of the picture provided, it seems the series will feature traditional animation, rather than CGI. No casting news has been announced yet, but it’s likely that the original cast from the film will reprise their roles.

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While the movie was very loosely based off a Marvel comic of the same time, it is possible that some characters will be drawn from the comics, but it is highly unlikely that any popular or well-known Marvel characters will make an appearance.

The Big Hero 6 animated series will air on Disney XD in 2017. Keep an eye on G33k-HQ for more news as it comes!

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