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Culture: New Rick And Morty Viral Website

While we are waiting for season 3 of Rick And Morty, Dan Harmon just announced a new viral website.

Upon arriving at the website you are asked to register a “Federation Rewards Card,” and from there the fun starts. Go check it out here.

A few things you will find on the new site:



Joining the Galactic Federation isn’t just mandatory monitoring and resource rationing. You’re also entitled to HUGE savings on intergalactic goods and services with MyFederation Rewards. Go ahead, treat yourself to that quantum phaser or tactical dentures, it’s YOUR CHOICE!


For over 850 glaagnars, the Galactic Federation has helped quintillions of other sentient life forms assimilate into our vision of one united universe. We stand scrung in scrung with thousands of planets; perhaps yours will be next!




Save 20 on all pre-order statues at!


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