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TV: CW Renews its DC Shows, Plus Animated Constantine

As the current slate of CW shows based off DC Comics properties – “Arrow,” “The Flash,” “Supergirl,” and “Legends of Tomorrow” – prepare to air the second halves of their seasons, their fates for another season hung in the balance. But fans were unafraid, given the massive amount of support behind the shows, and as expected, each has been renewed.

“Arrow” will be moving on to its sixth season, “The Flash” to its fourth, and “Legends of Tomorrow” will be getting a third. “Supergirl” will be seeing its third overall season, although only its second on the CW.

While all those were anticipated, a more unexpected surprise is the return of “Constantine,” which will be airing on CW Seed as an animated series. Similarly to “Vixen,” the show will be a series of ten-minute episodes, featuring the voices from the original live-action show.

Matt Ryan has already brought Constantine to the CW-verse with a brief cameo on “Arrow,” but his fate after that was up in the air; the network has expressed no intention of bringing him into any of their current live-action shows as a permanent or recurring character. With this announcement, it seems he’ll be joining “Vixen” as an animated hero tangentially connected to the overall universe, with the possibility of live-action cameos.

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The live action shows will be returning to TV soon, and “Constantine” is expected to premier later this fall or early winter of the 2017/2018 season.


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Animated Constantine series headed to CW

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