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Disney Announces Live-Action “Sword in the Stone”

Disney keeps on rolling out the live action news, and the latest is an unexpected addition. While we may be getting plenty of the Disney princesses brought to life on the big screen, this next story is that of a king.

And before you ask, no, pulling a sword from a stone to become king is no better a method than a strange woman lying in a pond and distributing swords.


Yes, it looks like the next Disney animated film to get a live-action counterpart is The Sword in the Stone, a 1963 film featuring the once and future king, Arthur Pendragon (also known as Wart), and Merlin the wizard (not to mention his owl, Archimedes). It’s the tale of Arthur as a child, leading up to him drawing the titular sword from the stone and becoming king of all England (spoilers!) as he’s taught about the world by Merlin.

The movie is currently set to be written by Bryan Cogman, who has written several episodes of Game of Thrones, and is working on the upcoming Magic: The Gathering movie for 20th Century Fox. It’s being produced by Brigham Taylor, although no other staff or cast has been announced yet.

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Before we get to see the adventures of a young King Arthur, though, there are still plenty more live-action Disney remakes on the way. The Jungle Book is coming in 2016, with Beauty and the Beast set for the following year, and many more to come, including Mulan Tim Burton’s Dumbo, and an Aladdin prequel featuring the genie. We’ll have more information on them as it’s made available.

Source: Disney Developing SWORD IN THE STONE Remake with GAME OF THRONES Writer

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