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Dracula Untold preview screening at Esquire IMAX

Shannon’s McCabe’s Vampire Ball invited the Thymehadder crew out to a preview screening of the new Dracula Untold movie at the Esquire Imax theater in Sacramento.   A line wrapping around the building to get in and the Vampire Ball handing out merch to as many as they could.  VAMPS from the VAMP Pageant Put The VAMP In Vampire Pin Up Pageant where there as was actors for the Vampire Ball as well.  Now lets get to the movie.  The movie was great.  Best said by Jessica Ruthless, “Vampire movies are BACK!”  The movie is about Vlad the Impaler’s efforts to protect his new kingdom from the Turks.  Starting with the Turks torturous raising of Vlad and other enslaved Transylvanian boys, followed by Vlad’s appointment into princehood because of his ruthless nature in battle.  The rest of the movie’s plot follows Vlad’s devotion to his family, kingdom and all of the Transylvanian boys when the Turks come and ask for a fresh round of boys like when Vlad was a child.  Sworn never to have repeated what occurred to him as a child, Vlad sets in motion events he hopes will protect his kingdom.  The movie has the action one expects from a summer blockbuster (its still summer right?) but it is so much more than that.  The character development is top notch and the reasoning behind all of Vlad’s actions are clearly laid out.  To parents wanting to watch this, be prepared to have your emotional strings, especially your love for your child, to be played like an old blues guitar.

Now lets focus on the costumes for a second.  From the full battle armor, to the casual threads, I can easily say I want them all.  From the opening scene of the adult Vlad in a studded trench coat to his Dragon Armor, it is obvious the designers are very good at their jobs and cosplayers will be trying for months to replicate.  I can easily an influx in Vlad cosplays for the next few months and I am fine with that.

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I highly recommend this movie for anyone looking for a fix while they wait for the next Marvel Studios movie.  Here are some pics for you.






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