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Fan Films and All of Their Luster

Power Rangers, Batman, and Dragon Ball Z, what do they all have in common? Essentially, when you look at the face of it, nothing. They are each separate entities for fans to look at. While a decent faction of the g33k community appreciates and is a fan of each, they were all produced in the height of popularity by different individuals in the 90s.

Yet now, fans have the power that studios once had . Now the ability to make a ten, twenty, even forty minute film or – or in the eye’s of this individual – an episode where they can give fans a service while still trying to hold true to the elements that brought fans in.


Machinima leads the charge with fan films of all sorts. Some have been done in work with Bat in the Sun who also do Superpower Beatdown, which let’s them know exactly how to gauge fans and how they would want things to be.

Now with films for Power Rangers, Batman, Dragon Ball Z, and even Deadpool coming out in the near future, popularity is at an all time high. It makes logical sense to push for more of these fan films. While Bat in the Sun has been doing this for years, it is nevertheless important to note  the importance of these films.

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Importance? Yes. And why? Simple. Fan films are excellent ways for fans to take a look at heroes in their rawest forms. It is the interpretation of characters by fans. The people involved are surrounded by ideas that came from the source material.

Look at Dragon Ball Z: Light of Hope. Everything we see was something that could lead to how Trunks is in the future of the canon manga and anime. While being visually the idea is more about the story and not about the special effects, which is what Hollywood should be doing.

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The Power Rangers film, which took such a dark turn for Power Rangers was something that stunned fans this world over. But it was nonetheless the Power Rangers. It was something we could not see them going but took a realistic turn as opposed to how actual films worked out. Need an example? Does anyone remember Superman Returns or Daredevil, which were not the worst films if they were just films. But remember they come from canon sources, which is why comic book movies and adaptation are so difficult.

Yet here, these provide fans with some things to really enjoy. So please take a look at these astonishing fan films and tell us what you think. Hey take the time and tell us what your favorite ones were and why.


Trust Me, I'm a Superhero

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