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Film: 2 New Clips For Upcoming Animated Ratchet & Crank Movie

Check out 2 new clips for the upcoming cgi-animated adaptation of classic Ratchet & Crank PlayStation game.

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The “Ratchet & Clank” movie, which is based on the first installment of the stalwart Playstation franchise, sees original video game voice cast James Arnold Taylor and David Kaye reprising their respective titular roles, and was largely developed by Insomniac Games, the studio responsible for the game series. Taylor voices Ratchet, a cat-like “Lombax” mechanic who, in the first clip, discovers a partially non-defective robot amidst burning wreckage. “Clank,” as he dubs him, is voiced by Kaye, and the two unite to save the galaxy from the with-names-like-these-who-could’ve-guessed-they-were-villainous Chairman Drek and the Blarg.



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