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Film: New Batman V Superman Photos

Have a look at a few new photos from Batman V Superman, courtesy of  Entertainment Weekly:

Batman and Superman square off for the first time If you’re going toe-to-toe with the son of Jor-El, you better come correct. For his climactic rooftop brawl with Superman, Batman outfits himself with a reinforced mech-suit equipped with strength-augmenting armor and, yes, kryptonite. The design resembles the one used for the confrontation between these two in Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns. Image Credit: Warner Bros.
Mr. Wayne, meet Ms. Prince Batman and Wonder Woman have a meeting of alter-egos as Bruce Wayne and Diana Prince parry and flirt at a high-society function. “I love the fact that there was this Thomas Crowne Affair, Bond-y sexy scene that they wrote about two people who are pretending to be two different people who each know the secrets of the other person,” says Ben Affleck. Image Credit: Clay Enos
Man, alien, or God? Henry Cavill returns to reprise his role as Superman from Man of Steel, but this time the point-of-view has shifted. “I like to think that Man of Steel was the perspective of the world from Clark, Kal-El, looking at the world and trying to exist with in it,” says Cavill. “Batman v Superman is definitely more mankind’s perspective of Superman.” Image Credit: Clay Enos
The dark Dark Knight The grit and gray of Man of Steel was both a continuation of the attempted realism of Christopher Nolan’s trilogy and a counterpoint to Marvel’s bright, zippy playtime. And that was before Zack Snyder ever got to Gotham. “It means that when it was supposed to look rainy and miserable, it had to be rainy and miserable,” says Affleck of the high chance of precipitation on set. “The long dark night of the soul and whatnot.” Image Credit: Warner Bros.
Would you Friend this man? Jesse Eisenberg builds on his experience from The Social Network to play a billionaire with even grander schemes: Lex Luthor. And while his version of the villain might be sporting luscious locks in this photo, you can rest assured that the movie will feature that iconic chrome dome. Image Credit: Clay Enos
The new Batman and his director With Batman v Superman, the enormous chassis of Warner Bros.’ new franchise is just starting to reach liftoff, but Zack Snyder has already been working on the DC universe for nearly five years. “It’ll be five years by the time the movie comes out,” says Snyder “And then if everything goes to plan it’ll be another five years of Justice League. I’ll be 10 years of superheroes by the end of this.” A decade of this man’s life. Image Credit: Clay Enos
Entertainment Weekly goes to Comic-Con Buy this week’s Entertainment Weekly for even more behind-the-scenes with Batman v Superman and more Comic-Con 2015 previews. Image Credit: Clay Enos



Character Photos and Descriptions:

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Henry Cavill as Superman Henry Cavill returns as Superman, reprising his role and pebbled tights from Man of Steel. Only this time, the last son of Krypton is making room on the marquee for another caped crusader. Based on this grey-skied first image released by Warner Bros. last July, he doesn’t seem too happy about it. Image Credit: Clay Enos
Ben Affleck as Batman When Ben Affleck was cast as Batman, there was a hubbub over what was dubbed Batfleck—presumably, thanks to rabid Jersey Girl fans who were worried about their boy Ben slumming. But this first pic of the Dark Knight shows he’s definitely got the chin for the job. And while the outfit’s bat symbol may have gained a little weight, we can all be glad that there appears to be a distinct lack of Kevlar nipples. Image Credit: Clay Enos
Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman Finally, the moment feminist film fans have been waiting for: A fashion model in a revealing leather outfit! Wait, scratch that. I mean: Wonder Woman in a movie! Director Zack Snyder tweeted this image of Gal Gadot as DC’s Amazonian warrior during the Warner Bros. Hall H panel at last year’s Comic-Con, looking serious with her sword and sandals. Image Credit: Clay Enos
Jason Momoa as Aquaman Unite the Seven. Those words were written on this released image of Jason Momoa as the king of the seas Aquaman. The marine superhero will show up in Dawn of Justice, pointing the way with his trident toward Warner Bros.’ planned Justice League films. He’s definitely not the Aquaman that used to be the butt of everyone’s jokes, but you would think that after living a life under the ocean he wouldn’t look so much like he needed a bath. Image Credit: Clay Enos
Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luther Jesse Eisenberg might not be the very first person you’d think of to play one of comics’ greatest supervillains, but he has already played an unlikeable billionaire—and you have to admit he looks surprisingly good rocking the chrome dome. Snyder promises that Eisenberg’s Lex Luthor will be different. “He’s not any of the Lexes that you’ve seen, that’s for sure,” the director told EW, “other than him being a captain of industry and one person to the world and another person to himself. And bald, of course.” Image Credit: Clay Enos






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