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Film: New Clip For The Walking Dead Season 7 & More

Get ready for the return of AMC’s The Walking Dead with this new clip for season 7’s upcoming premier episode “The Day Will Come When You Won’t Be,” which airs on Sunday October 23rd. The synopsis for the episode is:

“Last season ended with Rick and our group kneeling helplessly before Negan and his group. What Negan does will haunt those who survive forever.”

We have learned a litile bit more information thanks to an interview between Den of Geek and Jeffrey Dean Morgan AKA Negan.

Morgan said:

“Negan’s not just going to kill one person in [the premiere],” Morgan says. “He’s not afraid of bashing in skulls.”

“You’re going to see your heroes, the people that you’ve grown to love, in a place that you’ve never seen them before…Negan’s taken over and it shows. You’re going to see the characters that you love going through hell. There’s never been a shake-up like this on the show. I want to say that I feel bad, but at the same time, it’s my job and I’m having a blast doing it.”

Showrunner Scott M. Gimple said:

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“It sets our story into motion – that death is the start of a new reality for Rick and our characters…The old world, where Rick was in charge of his own life, is over. Alexandria lives for Negan and the Saviors now, and it’s not an easy transition for everyone to make.”

When talking about the other comic book character that is joining the show this season, King Ezekiel who is the leader of the settlement called the Kingdom, Scott M. Gimple said:

“The Kingdom has its own personality and it’s a very, very different one from the other camps/settlements we’ve seen,” Gimple says. “They’ve lived a different life there — not an entirely easy one, but they’ve built a place that works. A place that works much differently than any other place we’ve seen on the show.”

Melissa McBride said:

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“The Kingdom is a really cool set..The set design is just really creative over there. The Kingdomites really got it going on! It’s a very interesting place with interesting characters. Of course, there’s King Ezekiel. I’m excited that the fans are going to see him, finally.”








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