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Film: Official Super Troopers 2 Crowd Sourcing Campaign Is Live Update: Goal Reached


Less then two days into the campaign, and they have made more then 2.5million towards the 2 million they were looking for to fund the movie.

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We posted on our Facebook before about how the Broken Lizard crew was going to turn to crowd sourcing to fund Super Troopers 2, well the time has come. They have launched the official campaign on Indiegogo to raise the 2 million dollars to fund production of Super Troopers 2.

The film is set to have all of the Broken Lizard crew – Jay Chandrasekhar, Kevin Heffernan, Steve Lemme, Paul Soter, Erik Stolhanske. They are trying to reach their goal by April 24, and once the word gets out I don’t see them having a issue reaching it. This will be a make it or break it campaign, if the goal is met the movie gets made, if not then no movie.

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There is a variety of contributor perks like, tickets to the premier, DVDs, T-Shirts, Posters, to having the guys be your grooms men at your wedding. There are also some great perks available it is insane, I mean you can join them in a Cannabis outing in Colorado,  a Beerfest Tournament in Chicago, or even own one of the Trooper cars from the movie.

Jay Chandrasekhar says:


“We finally have the chance to make ‘Super Troopers 2….But since we refused to write a sequel where the highway cops have morphed into super hero-vampires, Fox Searchlight proposed the following deal: They’ll release the film, but we have to raise all of the money. So we’ve turned to Indiegogo and our fans to prove that it’s finally time for ‘Super Troopers 2′ to get made.”

To get all the information be sure to visit the official Indiegogo page.




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