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Film: Power Rangers Movie Casts Fifth Ranger; Here’s What We Know

There’s been a good amount of news lately about the 2017 Power Rangers movie, though it can be hard to pick out the truth between the rumors, leaks, and changes. What we do know, however, is that the Yellow Ranger has just been cast, and that completes the main five.

Becky-Gomez-Yellow-Ranger-2017-Power-Rangers-MovieBecky Gomez has been cast as the Yellow Ranger, originally played in the TV show by Thuy Trang as Trini, who was later replaced by Karan Ashley as Aisha. (We’ll not get into all the other Yellow Rangers from later seasons and sequels, because that would simply take too long and grow increasingly irrelevant to the movie.) While rumors suggested that the movie would feature a new set of rangers, a recent tweet from the official Power Rangers Twitter account indicates that they will be taking the roles of the original five.


With the fifth Ranger cast, we now know who will be playing which Ranger. Aside from Becky, we have:

  • Dacre Montgomery as the Red Ranger
  • Naomi Scott as the Pink Ranger
  • RJ Cyler as the Blue Ranger
  • Ludi Lin as the Black Ranger

Whether or not there will be any Green Ranger is still unknown.power rangers movie casting cover 1

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When it comes to details about the plot, however, there are varying reports. It no longer seems as though the movie will be a reboot/retelling of the original story, although the reported prologue with Rita Repulsa battling Zordon as a prehistoric Red Ranger has not been entirely shot down. More recent reports suggest that the movie will tie into the currently-airing Power Rangers Dino Charge, and will feature the Mighty Morphin’ enemy Scorpina damaging the Morphing Grid, creating a need to go back and start the team anew. How much of this is true, will be changed, or is entirely false is unknown, so take everything with a grain of salt.

RJ-Cyler-Cast-Blue-Ranger-Power-Rangers-2017-MovieA growingly-popular theory is that the movie will feature a future generation of Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers, mostly due to recently discredited rumors. In the show, Tommy Oliver (played by Jason David Frank) was the Green Ranger (and later the White Ranger, among others in later seasons), while the leaks claimed the new Red Ranger shared his last name. But as the recent tweet clarifies, that will not be the case, and the Red Ranger is still Jason.

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The Power Rangers movie is set for a 2017 release, and will be directed by Dean Israelite, the director behind Project Almanac.

Source: Power Rangers: Becky Gomez Cast as the Yellow Ranger


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