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Film: Power Rangers Movie Trailer Hits the Net

The time has come at last. Time to see new heroes in action. Or, as fans prefer to call it: morphin’ time.

The Power Rangers movie trailer has hit the web, following its reveal at NYCC. Already, it’s clear that it’s different from the classic “Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers.”

Where MMPR featured upstanding citizens with socially-acceptable attitudes, the trailer shows outcasts; Angel Grove is far less than its squeaky-clean state from the 90’s television show, and so are the people who live in it. These are people who have to struggle against inner demons and society as much as they do the monsters Rita may throw at them.

Rather than being teleported to Zordon’s command center and being gifted their morphers, we see them find them hidden in a restricted zone. A screenshot of them discovering their morphers was teased recently.

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Like any movie where teenagers stumble upon superpowers, part of the movie will feature them learning how their powers work before they even morph; like later seasons of the show, it seems they’ll still have “civilian powers,” or abilities that work when not morphed.

To the trailer’s benefit, we don’t actually see the team in their Power Rangers forms, nor do we see Zordon or Alpha 5. Only at the very end do we see the suits begin to form around them, following a very brief appearance from Rita, where she boasts about having killed rangers before.

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And at the end, we hear a faint refrain of the tune everybody knows: “go go Power Rangers…”

Of course, we can still see their new suits in action in the recently-revealed posters.


Check out the new Power Rangers trailer below, and let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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