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Film: Psych The Movie Updates & Videos

Who else is excited for Psych The Movie?! With Comic-Con has come and gone we just got some new updates for you.

Updates from SDCC VIA TV Guide:


1. Jimmi returns!

Simpson confirmed during the panel that he will be returning to Psych as Mary Lightly!

2. Suck it, Tim!

Tim Omundson, better known as Lassiter to Psych fans, wasn’t able to attend the panel due to a stroke he suffered shortly before production began on the movie. The cast and crew recorded the Comic Con crowd yelling, “Suck it, Tim!” to make sure the actor knows he was missed.

3. The movie will start in San Francisco

The final episode of Psych sent everyone up to San Francisco, so Franks wanted to make sure the continuity remained in the movie. So the movie will pick up in Northern California. Get ready for the Bay Area!

4. Gus has grown a beard

Dulé Hill said that Gus is loving it in San Francisco. He’s getting so relaxed up north that he’s even grown a beard.

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5. The footage!

We saw the first eight minutes of the Psych movie and so much went down. Shawn has wasted no time getting himself in deep with a dangerous group of men fencing stolen goods. He first appears in a stellar Hagrid costume though and a fake beard on a beard (a beard beard) that becomes instrumental when the bad guys figure out he’s not who he says he is. Luckily, he finds his way to Gus who is able to help him out of the jam, though it costs Shawn’s best brofriend a tasty egg salad sandwich.

6. Gus won’t wait long to get back in the swing of things

It took 11 days after the guys arrived in San Francisco for Gus to find a permanent job — he likes security — but Hill promised that Gus won’t hesitate to jump back in the Psych game once Shawn says he needs him. At the end of the day, he loves doing it.

7. There’s a joke that no one on in the cast understood

Steve Franks is most proud of one joke in the movie script that no one on the cast understood when they read the script and filmed the movie — and because of that he made sure it stays in the movie. It’s a tune that gets played and is a Bugs Bunny reference to the scene where Daffy Duck tried to blow up Bugs in a vaudeville show. Yeah, we’re not sure either, guess we’ll have to see the movie to fully understand.

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8. Will there be singing in the movie?

“I will say that more than one person on this panel might do a little singing,” Steve Franks promised a fan who asked if the cast would bust out some vocals in light of Zachary Levi joining the cast. Get ready!

9. There will be pineapples!

There’s not just any old pineapple in the Psych movie — continuing the show’s knack for hiding pineapples in every episode — but it’s a pineapple that references a very specific pineapple from the original series. Steve Franks recommends going back and watching all 121 episodes to figure out which one.

Psych: The Movie airs this December in USA.

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