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Film: Unpublished Works of “Dungeons & Dragons” Creator Gary Gygax to Hit the Screen

The “Dungeons & Dragons” universe has provided a plethora of stories in every form possible. From the published modules and homebrewed storylines around the gaming table, to books and a few movies that fans may or may not want to forget ever happened, the fantasy game has created countless characters, plots, and ideas. For that, we have Gary Gygax to thank.

Producer Tom DeSanto, who’s name is attached to the “X-Men” and “Transformers” movies, has taken on the task of adapting the stories by D&D creator Gary Gygax into film and television. While Hasbro currently owns “Dungeons & Dragons” itself, Gygax’s other works belong to his family, and they worked out the deal with DeSanto to adapt several of his works into what they’re describing as “universe projects.”

All of these works are unpublished, and how much they connect to the D&D universe has not been disclosed, though it may be safe to assume that the familiar and beloved fantasy tropes of a D&D campaign will remain.

Reports state that DeSanto has picked several concepts from Gygax’s work to adapt, which he describes as “mind blowing.” The family of the late Gary Gygax, including his widow, Gail, have expressed confidence in DeSanto’s ability to do the works justice, stating that “He is a true fan.”

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What sort of epic level adventures await for the characters Gygax created? Where will we be seeing these stories brought to life? Keep a close eye on G33k-HQ, and we’ll give you the news as it’s made available.

Source: TRANSFORMERS Producer To Adapt DUNGEONS & DRAGONS Creator’s Stories To Film & TV

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