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Film: Watch Some Delted Beetlejuice Workprint Scenes

Thanks to YouTuber, jakeeenator, we can now check out three deleted scenes from the workprint of Beetlejuice.

This is an alternate scene that was not used because after showing it to a test audience it caused confusion. This scene has never been officially released in any way.

Its been a while since I uploaded a Beetlejuice workprint scene but here is a part that was cut. In this scene Lydia’s mother yells at her about cutting up her sheets and Lydia tries to convince her dad that there are ghosts haunting their house.

I should also note that there is really only 1 or 2 small things left that I have not shown but I will not be uploading anymore Bettlejuice content after this to help keep the films rarity. I apologize if this upsets anyone but trust me when I say I uploaded what I thought was the most interesting stuff from this movie.

In this scene after everyone leaves the attic we see Adam and Barbra hanging from the window and the sand monster is trying to eat them.




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