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Interview: Colleen O’Shaughnessey on Digimon Adventure Tri and Sora

The final chapter of Digimon Adventure Tri is coming soon, and Fathom Events will be screening it to theaters across across the country on Thursday, September 20. In preparation for the event, we spoke with Colleen O’Shaughnessey, who voiced Sora Takenouchi in the original Digimon anime and Digimon Adventure Tri.

G33k-HQ: First of all, let me just say: thank you so much for taking the time to speak with us. Digimon was a big part of my childhood growing up, and it’s wonderful to see everyone again in “Digimon Adventure Tri.” It’s like catching up with old friends in a way.

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Colleen: I am honored to be part of it. I’ve had so many people tell me it’s part of their childhood it’s a privilege to be a part of them. I have kids, so I know that anything that influences your childhood is really important.

G33k-HQ: So let’s start off from there: another Digimon adventure has just finished, what was it like returning to the role of Sora after all these years and going through another adventure with her?

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Colleen: It was kind of surreal. It was new but it wasn’t; it was like picking up were we left off but you start remembering all the things from before. It’s been fantastic – it’s been so much fun and I’m thrilled being back to be Sora.

G33k-HQ: What would you say Sora’s growth as a character has been like, and how has that affected your performance?

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Colleen: Her growth as a character… I feel everyone has matured a little bit. It’s been kind of great because Digimon was my very first anime show, and it was so long ago, now coming back it’s like we’ve both grown up. I feel like she’s still being true to who she is – she still takes care of her friends and her Digimon but she doesn’t buy into the drama and she takes care of herself more now. In that way she’s stayed true to herself but she’s also matured a little bit.

G33k-HQ: Without spoilers, what can we look forward to from the next “Digimon Adventure Tri” film?


Colleen: (laughs) That’s kind of a hard question because I can’t really say anything. You’re going to love it – it’s more of what you’ve expected from Digimon, and it’s not going to disappoint. That’s all I can say, sorry

G33k-HQ: How would you say the Digimon franchise and fandom have grown and changed over the years?

Colleen: I go to conventions and I have people come up and say that Digimon means a lot to them, and I feel humbled to be a part of this franchise that people love and has been a part of their lives. I haven’t been on social media until a little while ago, so I didn’t really realize how much Digimon meant to people because it was so long ago, but now that I am on social media and I see all of that it’s pretty great! It’s pretty wonderful to see and hear all of that; to me it’s actually kind of new.

G33k-HQ: What has the fan response to “Digimon Adventure Tri” been like for you?

Colleen: People seem to really love it. They say beautiful things, people will tell me how much Sora’s character means to them; everything she went through is what people talk to me the most about. They felt for her and they’re so very much complementary about my performance in that movie, and I’m humbled and I’m honored by everything they tell me. I’ve heard nothing but positive things since it all began.

G33k-HQ: It seems like another story in the life of the Digidestined is coming to a close. It’s emotional enough for all of us viewers and fans, but you brought that character to life – what’s it like for you?

Colleen: Yeah, it’s a little bittersweet. It’s wonderful that we were able to come back and see how they’ve grown, but it’s a little “ouchie” having to say goodbye again.

G33k-HQ: Well I have some good news, then: Toei Animation recently announced another Digimon movie project featuring the original Digimon cast as adults in their 20’s, as part of the celebration of Digimon Adventure’s 20th anniversary. Are you ready to come back as Sora once again?

Colleen: I absolutely would if they would have me! I will continue to be her as long as they want me to.

G33k-HQ: Once more, I’d like to thank you for being here. And on a personal note, thank you for being a part of the Digimon series. (Sorry, I’m getting a little emotional here.) I grew up watching the Digidestined journey, fight, and grow every weekend, so being able to take the time to speak with you is sort of like meeting an old friend for the first time. So on behalf of G33k-HQ and

 all of the digi-fans out there: thank you for everything.

Colleen: Aww, absolutely, it’s my pleasure. Thank you for watching, thank you for being there.


“Digimon Adventure Tri: Future” hits theaters September 20th. You can get your tickets from the Fathom Events website.

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