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James Franco to Play Multiple Man in X-Men Spin-Off Movie

Multiple Man aka Jamie Madrox is a mutant in the Marvel universe with the ability to create duplicates of himself and maybe the subject of an upcoming movie from 20th Century Fox. And who will be taking on the role of the Multiple Man? It seems we might be seeing actor James Franco (127 Hours and Spider-Man) copying himself over and over again. In the 2006 movie ‘X-Men: The Last Stand’ the character had a bit of a cameo and was played by Eric Dane (Grey’s Anatomy and The Last Ship).

Word has it that the studio will be developing this X-Men spin off film with Allan Heinberg (Wonder Woman and Grey’s Anatomy) working on the script and Simon Kinberg (Gambit and Legion) will be producing with Franco. As Multiple Man is a personal favorite of mine, I’m excited to see this project move forward. As a friend recently told me, I would love to see the duplicates that Multiple Man played by Franco creates turn out to be other character that the actor had portrayed in other movies. Which means we would get Harry Osborn from ‘Spider-Man’, Tommy Wiseau from ‘The Disaster Artist’, Saul Silver from ‘Pineapple Express’, and more. That would be awesome!

[Source: Deadline]
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